MooPolice Special Features
DHT Scanner/(Crawler)
The DHT scanner attempts to download metadata for every info hash which gets announced to its node. In case metadata was received sucessfully it will be saved to the database and torrent name and filenames are matched against a set of keywords and not allowed keywords. If a valid match is found the client adds this torrent to its download queue.
The avarage rate is about 1000 info hash per day on a fixed ip address with a propability for succesful metadata download of >30%. Unfortunally, the probability for a complete download of these torrents is low.

Peer/Local Database Query
The local database can be queried for keywords in torrent names and torrent filenames. Search results can be added to the clients download queue (again).
If the client is connect to other peers which support the mp_db_query extension (indicated by PDB in client title bar) their database can be queried too. If the local client does not have a database it can still query other peer's databases. Peer queries are always limited to info hash's and torrent names. Also the number of peers, search results and query intervals are limited. The search results include info hash, tracker (if available) and torrent name. Search results can directly be added to the download queue. This is similar to adding a magnet link.
While the dialog to add a new torrent is show the local database is searched for this torrent and if it is found the last time it was finished and the location is was downloaded to are shown.

Statistic Data
MooPolice can collect data about clients, supported BT extensions, DHT scanner metadata downloads and matches. DHT queries, responses, error and scrapes are counted.

DHT extras
MooPolice can either use a fixes node ID or a new random ID after each program start. Support of node ID all zeros is optional. BEP 32, BEP 33 and BEP 51 are supported. There are separated stacks for IPV4 and IPV6.
All currently tracked info hashs can be matched aganst the local database (not releated to DHT scanner).
Use of libtorrents DHT implementation is also possible but no DHT scanning in that case.
NEW Version 5.1.0 Build 92 (32/64Bit)
Advanced features require MySql database server
BT protocol extensions
MP_peer_exchange, mp_db_query, mp_disconnect, mp_statistics
LT_metadata, LT_chat
lt_tex, ut_pex, ut_metadata

Main window screenshot

MooPolice is a full featured BitTorrent client for Microsoft Windows which is intended to look different from other clients.

Watch out for Robo Cows!

MassaRoddel (April 2005 - August 2021), Thanks to Arvid Norberg (libtorrent project) and Thomas Bernard (miniupnp project)