Torrent Window
Torrent Window Each Torrent is shown in a separate window. These windows do consist of five elements. The window border reflects the torrents current status.
  • Upload Bar
  • Download Bar
  • Progress Bar
  • ETA/Time Left Bar
  • Torrent Name
  • Make Torrent will bring up the dialog to create Torrents. This dialog will also open if you do a double click on the main window.
    Torrent Comment Moving the mouse over the torrent window will bring up the popup window which can include several information.
  • Torrent Name
  • Torrent's Comment
  • Torrent's Creation date and time and client name
  • DHT Node availability
  • Number of completed/total pieces
    For incomplete torrent there will also be a piece map displayed
  • MooPolice attempts to decode the comment. Links are shown in different colors. Pictures will not be download and shown within this window.
    You can switch between plain text and decoded text by double clicking on the window. Simple View changes the style of these windows too.