Peer Information
Peer information dialog
This dialog shows information about connected peers for a specific torrent. Right-click to open the context menu. It is possible to ban peers (single ip or range) here.
To peers which support the LT_chat extension protocol a message can be send. Received messages will be shown in the main window.
Disconnected peers will fade out of the list if selected.
A green background means that we are interested in this peer.
Column Extension
All announced extension names are listed here. MooPolice does not necessarily support them.
Supported Extensions are:
  • MP_peer_exchange
  • ut_pex
  • LT_chat
  • LT_metadata
  • ut_metadata
  • Column Connection
    This column lists all sources there this peer's ip came from. The level of encryption and the connection direction is also shown.
    Possible values are:
  • ~ (pre) header encryption
  • TKR Tracker
  • PEX Peer Exchange
  • DHT Distributed Hash Table network
  • FRD Fast Resume Data
  • ~ (post) complete stream encryption
  • A bold row means that this peer supports at least one of our extensions.