Connection Settings
  • Upload Rate Limit: upload limit, will be dynamically adjusted to the download rate and number of connected peers.
  • Download Rate Limit: Download limit.
  • Port Range: MooPolice will choose the first available port from the range to listen for incoming connections.
  • If you are behind a NAT you have forward your Listen Port to get incoming connection from other peers. The Listen Port can be forwarded via UPnP or PMP protocol to your router. In case your computer has several network adapters you have to choose the one which connects to the correct router.
  • Peer Limit: Maximum number of allowed connections.
  • Local Service Discovery will search for peers within your LAN. Upload and Download limits will be ignored for peers from the local network.
  • Torrent Settings
  • Peer Ratio: Upload/Download ratio for peers. This ratio cannot be smaller than 1.0, setting it to zero means no ratio.
  • Uploads per Torrent: Number of peers to which data is send at the same time interval.
  • Seeding Time/Ratio: This is the default seeding time or ratio for a newly added torrent.
  • Path Settings
  • Always Here: All torrent data will be save into the path given here. There will never pop up a dialog to ask for a destination to save to.
  • Match file name: The destination path is chosen according to the torrent file name. If no match is found a dialog to choose the destination will be shown.
  • DHT Settings
  • DHT Port: DHT port for incoming datagrams. Will be disabled if the port number is set to 0.
  • Bootstrap: DHT bootstrap node.
  • Use libtorrent DHT: Use libtorrent DHT instead of MooPolice DHT.
  • Incoming DHT requests are dropped if Upload/Download Rate limits are reached.
  • Download Metadata: Try to download metadata for announced Info Hashs.
  • Download by Keyword: Match torrent name and file names from the downloaded metadata and start download torrent if match is found.
  • Use random node ID: Use a random DHT node ID for each session.
  • Database Settings
  • The Database options are only enabled if the libmySQL.dll library is found.
  • Use Database: Using a database requires a MySQL server according to the provided setup script (Sql script).
  • Create Database: Create a MooPolice Database on the given MySql server.
  • Transfer Torrents via Database: Torrents are stored via SQL commands. This options can be used if MooPolice has no file access to the database folder. If this option is enabled torrents can not be overwritten.
  • Visual Style Settings
  • Color Scheme: Path to the folder with the color scheme files.
  • Encryption Settings Here you can set the level of encryption you want. Basically it can be enabled/disabled or enforced.

    Lazy Bitfields does not really belong here - but there isn't a Miscellaneous section yet.
    Proxy Settings It is possible to set a proxy server for all connections.
    Extension Settings All supported extensions can be disabled here.

    The Peer Database Query [mp_db_query] works only on peers which run a local database server.
    Disk Cache Size of disk cache