Creating a Torrent file ...
Make torrent dialog
  • Add File(s) or a Folder to the list. If you add more than one file then those files must be inside the same top level folder.
  • R-click in the file list to remove a file or click clear list to remove all files from the list.
  • Double-click in the tracker list to add at least one Tracker unless this is going to be a trackerless torrent.
  • R-click in the tier column to change the tier number.
  • R-click or leave the tracker empty to remove a tracker url.
  • Add a comment. - DO IT!
  • Add optional Bootstrap Nodes (example:
  • Add optional Web Seeds urls (example:
  • Set the Private flag if required
  • Choose a Torrent File name.
  • Click Make button to start the torrent creation.
  • Click Cancel button to abort the torrent creation or to close the Make Torrent dialog.
  • Torrents can only be created from files which share the same root path. Trackers and/or Bootstrap nodes should be present in a torrent file otherwise the torrent will depend on the DHT network only and it might take a long time for peers to find each other.
    Other BT clients might not use Web Seeds as a fallback so one should take into account that adding Web Seeds might put the server under heavy load.

    It is not possible yet to add torrents from here to the client's torrent queue.