Main Window
Main Window Right click in MooPolice main window will open the main menu. There are four different ways to add a torrent from the menu.
  • File open dialog to open a file
  • Add a Url to download a torrent file by MooPolice itself
  • Add a magnet link
  • Add an Info Hash [and tracker] (MooPolice will try to find peers via DHT and download the metadata from peer which support the metadata exchange extensions)
  • Make Torrent will bring up the dialog to create Torrents. This dialog will also open if you do a double click on the main window.
    You can switch between Simple View and Diagram View.

    Save Dialog This is what the file save dialog looks like if the torrent file (metadata) is available at the time the torrent is added.
  • Save Destination has to be selected here.
  • Priority can be set. The priority affects the download queue only it does not change any limits regarding this torrent.

  • Simple View
  • If port forwarding is enabled listing on external will display your IP address and port as it is seem from other peers.
  • Peers is the total number of peers (from all active torrents) you are connected to.
  • ulr is the total upload rate from all active torrents. If the bar has two different colors then you have a noticeable protocol overhead from download.
  • dlr is the total download rate from all active torrents. The upload rate will be adjusted to the download rate.
  • prs is the total number peers from all active torrents. This number also affects dynamic upload rate.
  • icc indicates incoming connection for torrents (1st) and incoming DHT (not libtorrent DHT) requests (2nd).
  • DB in the title bar indicates database mode.
  • DHT[.LT] */5000 in the title bar indicates active DHT service and the current number of tracked info hashes.
    MooPolice will not accept more than 5000 [option] info hashes from the DHT network. The number of peers per info hash is limited to 40.